Your LYNC LN-4 MIDI Controller comes complete with the following:


(1) LYNC LN-4 keyboard unit

(1) LYNC LP-4 Power Module

(1) IL-20 Interlync 20' Cable

(1) Shielded MIDI cable

(1) AC Power Cable

(1) SL-4 LYNC strap with Straplok System connectors

(1) LYNC LN-4 Owner's Manual


Look through the contents of the LN-4's shipping container now to make sure that all the above items are enclosed. If not, contact your dealer immediately. Of course, if the manual's not there, you won't be reading this, will you?

"Straplok System" is a trademark of Dunlop Manufacturing.

"LYNC" and "LN-4" are trademarks of LYNC Systems, Inc.

The LYNC logo is a registered trademark of LYNC Systems, Inc., Albany, NY.



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