Switched the site to SSL (HTTPS) and a new version CMS. Unfortunately the Template is crippled now, but I will have sorted it out shortly

Added an image gallery of the Lync LN4 to the homepage.

Completed the text of Chapter 5.

Added the following parts of Chapter 5: Setting Program Numbers, Setting Velocity Response, Setting Transpositions and Setting the Levels of your Synths. It is quite a bit of work to get all the stuff into the computer, so bear with me. Images will be added later as I will first post all the text based content.

Part of Chapter 5 has been added to the LN4 Manual. It takes quite a while to make everything online available.

Chapter 4 and the Glossary have been added to the LN4 Manual.

Chapter 2 and 3 of the LN-4 manual have been added.

Slowly things are coming.. I've added a forum to the site. I'm quite busy making the technical information section something interesting to read. And soon there will be an marketplace where you can trade/buy/sell your stuff.

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